Types of steel tanks made in Radman Machine Single are single-walled to three-walled steel tanks and types of processing tanks in different capacities and milk-carrying tanks from low to high tonnages. These tanks are made of steel and can be ordered by dear customers. 304 or 316.

Any kind of change and privatization in the types of tanks can be implemented in this company by considering the technical issues and the possibility of requested changes and the absence of technical obstacles on steel tanks. That’s why you can meet exactly your real needs.

All Radman Machine single products have 1 year warranty and 10 years after-sales service.

Centrifugal pumps are most used in the dairy and juice industries. This type of pump is one of the best pumps used in these industries due to the special characteristics and capabilities required by the production lines of the dairy and juice industries and its cost-effectiveness.

Tekin Machine Radman Company has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and producing this type of pump and our product is one of the best brands of this type of pump available throughout the country.

This company produces various types of steel centrifugal pumps in different capacities and dimensions and the required capacities of various dairy and juice production lines.

All manufactured pumps have 1 year warranty and 10 years after-sales service.

Takin Machine Radman Company is a manufacturer of dairy and juice production line machines with the support of technical knowledge and experienced design engineers, supplier of pasteurizers, homogenizers, CIP washing machines, fillers and dairy and juice production line machines in the country.

Production of the above devices and especially pasteurizers in different dimensions and capacities with endurance and non-disruption in the production process is one of the honors of Radman Machine Single Group and every year an effort is made to improve the quality and production capacities.

All Radman Machine single products have 1 year warranty and 10 years after-sales service

Clean In Place is a device that is used to wash food production line machines without opening the production line pipes

For this reason, the name of the washing machine is placed on this device. On-site washing machine is made in different types of mobile and fixed in terms of physical and in terms of prot tack and working method to different types in Takin Machine Radman Company.

Homogenizer or homogenizer is another product of Radman machine that is made in three-piece AP designs. This type of device is made in different types of single head and double head and in different capacities according to the customer’s order. And have a one-year warranty.

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Takin Machine Radman

Since 1990, Takin Machine Radman has established a factory to produce all kinds of fittings, tanks and all-steel food pasteurizers, which is an effective step in achieving self-sufficiency and preventing technical dependence on similar foreign samples.
Takman Radman Machine with more than 20 years of brilliant experience in designing, producing, installing and commissioning all kinds of machines required by factories producing dairy, beverage, beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products with the most complete production lines based on international standards and in order to cut Dependence and in order to achieve its transcendent ideals has been constantly in thinking and implementing the plan to develop and enhance its capabilities.
The managers of this company are proud to have a production line of centrifugal pumps, pasteurizers, homogenizers and various devices of dairy and juice production line in Tekin Machine Radman company in their work program as a routine and all the products of this company are made by experienced engineers and Experienced manpower is designed and built to maintain a critical spirit and to take special care to improve the quality of manufactured products.

مدیر عامل تکین ماشین

Ali Hosseini

CEO of Takin Machine Radman
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After-sales service including maintenance and supply of parts

Dear customers, after purchasing Takman Machine Radman devices, you can use the warranty service and after the warranty period, the after-sales service of Takin Machine Radman Company.

آیکون فروش
Selling all kinds of food production line machines

Manufacturing and producing all kinds of devices for dairy and juice production lines and all parts, including the connections of devices and steel pipelines, and finally the complete commissioning of dairy and food industry production lines.

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One year warranty on all devices and ten year after sales service

All devices purchased from his Raddan car company have one year of warranty and ten-year support services.

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    Lub pump

    Pump lobes, also known as gear pumps and ear pumps, are among the types of positive displacement pumps that work similarly to gear pumps in terms of function and function. The rotation of the lobes or earrings is a non-contact rotation. This means that they have no contact with each other.

    Mono pump

    These pumps have a spiral stator made of plastic with a metal screw inside. When the electromotor rotates, the mardon on a rotor or shaft rotates and rotates the fluid in the direction of the pump. This pump is used for high viscosity fluids

      Plate pasteurizer

      Plate pasteurizer, also known as pasteurizer (HTST) or pasteurization with high temperature and low time, is one of the equipment for killing pathogenic microorganisms that is specific to pasteurization. Large-scale unpackaged foods, including low-viscosity fruit juices (apple or orange juice), dairy products, beverages, egg products, etc., are designed and manufactured.

      Centrifugal pump

      The basis of the centrifugal pump operation is the conversion of the kinetic energy of the fluid into pressure. The centrifugal pump uses its impeller to increase the pressure of a fluid.

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