CIP washing system

CIP washing system CIP

Today, the success of a new product depends more and more on innovation. Efforts to turn creative ideas into new products and processes and to welcome the innovative designs of the inventors and innovators of this frontier have been institutionalized in Tekin Machine Radman Company. This collection with continuous efforts in recent years and updating production ideas and designs; It is now in a position of production in the country that an important part of the market of machinery and parts, especially parts of the centrifugal pump set and CIP washing system used in the food and dairy industries, is at the disposal of this company. This success in production and sales requires the continuation of initiative and efficiency in production, maintaining customer satisfaction and providing services tailored to customer needs by this industrial group.

Radman Machine Industrial Group is proud to produce a wide range of related products in accordance with the needs of the country, the customer needs in the field of production and operation of production lines of food and dairy industries Enriched and is now one of the claimants of manufacturing in the field of all-steel products in the country and the Middle East

Tekin Machine Radman Company with more than 20 years of brilliant experience in designing, producing, installing and commissioning all kinds of machines required by factories producing dairy products, beverages, beverages, food, Pharmaceutical and chemical with the most complete production lines according to international standards and in order to break the dependence and in order to achieve its sublime ideals, has been constantly thinking and implementing a plan to develop and upgrade its capabilities.

The managers of this company are proud to have registered the registration certificate of innovations and inventions for making various types of centrifugal pumps in the name of Tekin Machine Radman Company and all the products of this company have been made by capable and experienced engineers. Iranian designed and built; By maintaining the spirit of criticism, they pay special attention to improving the quality of their products.

Company activities:

  • Manufacture of various types of centrifugal steel pumps
  • Manufacturing all kinds of steel manual and pneumatic valves
  • Making all kinds of steel fittings
  • Consulting, design, construction and commissioning of special machines and production lines for food, dairy and juice industries
  • Manufacture of semi-automatic and fully automatic pasteurizers
  • Making air conditioner plates and heater plates
  • Manufacture of single-walled, double-walled and triple-walled stainless steel tanks (under pressure)
  • Manufacture of deaerators for juice factories, concentrates and products that need ventilation.
  • Construction of CIP semi-automatic and fully automatic PLC washing system
  • Making ice yank for milk collection stations
  • Build a mobile tank balance and a mobile filler
  • Manufacture of single-walled, double-walled and wheeled wet steel with a capacity of 300 to 2000 liters
  • Making different types of homogeneous devices based on customer orders

Introducing the on-site washing machine CIP

CLEAN ING – IN- PLACE , means flow of wash water and solution Cleaners from tanks, piping systems and process lines are without the need to disassemble parts of these supplies. On-site washing refers to the circulation of cleaning fluid through machines and other appliances in a cleaning cycle. Passing a fluid stream at high speed over the surfaces of the essentials creates the same mechanical effect for removing masses and deposits. This system can be used in pipes, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, separators and . strong>

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Advantages of cip machines (on-site washing) of Takman Machine Radman Industrial Group

 cip cip three-dimensional design with description cip cip three-dimensional design with description [/ caption]

To effectively perform the on-site washing process (CIP) The requirements are designed in such a way that inside There is a cleaning path and it can be easily cleaned. In this operation, all surfaces are exposed to the detergent solution and there is no space that detergents can not access or flow through. Machines and plumbing systems are installed so that they can be effectively drained of internal contents.
The material used in the process, such as stainless steel and flexible materials (ELASTOMERS) is such that there is no smell and taste Does not transfer to the product (Steel 316). It also has the ability to withstand detergents and disinfectants at the cleaning temperature. It is also possible to use stainless steel for contact with chlorinated solutions .

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